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Are you willing to make a positive change? Join the thousands of individuals on the same fitness journey!

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Is Whey Protein Good for Women?

The usage of whey protein has taken the fitness industry by storm, and the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. People commonly associate whey protein with male bodybuilders, but that’s far from the truth. Women also need protein, but the countless myths surrounding female usage of whey protein have stopped some women from consuming it. In reality, a woman’s body needs as much protein as the male’s, and using whey protein in moderation can hugely positively affect health and physique.

In this article, we’ll cover what whey protein is, clear up the fact vs. fiction regarding women consuming whey, list the advantages and drawbacks of whey protein consumption for women, and provide advice on dosage and related questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Protein is naturally found in the body, both in males and females, and it’s needed for the body to function properly
  •  Whey protein is an excellent supplement that can improve women’s health and body shape
  • Whey consumption will not make women look bulky and muscular
  • Most of the myths about women using whey protein are not true

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a mix of proteins isolated from whey, that liquid part of the milk that gets separated during cheese production. Milk contains two types of proteins: 20% of whey and 80% casein. After the whey is separated during cheese production, it goes through many processing methods to get the product that people recognize as whey protein – the powder added to shakes and protein bars.

Whey protein is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids the human body needs.

Whey Protein is Not For Women – Fact or Fiction?

It’s scientifically proven that whey protein consumption can do more good for women than harm. We’re not sure why there is such a stigma surrounding women and whey protein, but the myths we heard are ridiculous. Let’s see some of the most common myths and clarify whether they are true.

Whey Protein Can Increase Your Testosterone Levels: Myth

Men’s testosterone levels are significantly higher than women’s, and there’s no scientific evidence that whey protein can increase testosterone levels. On the other hand, a diet rich in carbs and fat can increase testosterone.

Whey Protein Can Cause Kidney Problems: Partly True

Although there is no evidence supporting this claim, whey protein is not recommended for women that struggle with kidney problems. In this case, it would be best to consult your doctor before you add supplements to your diet.

Whey Protein Will Make You Gain Weight and Look Bulkier: Myth

Women don’t have the same hormones that encourage the growth of bulky muscles as men do, so you don’t have to worry about it. Whey protein will not increase your weight; on the contrary, it will help you get a more toned look.

Whey protein can reduce fat, reduce cravings for sugary foods and promote lean growth.

Whey Protein Can Make You Bloated and Gassy: Myth

The only ingredient in whey protein that can make you bloated and gassy is lactose. If you’re lactose intolerant, we recommend using a more-refined version of whey protein called isolate. Isolate contains the least amount of lactose; it’s easily absorbed in the stomach and doesn’t cause gas.


Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms are advised against using whey protein supplements.

You Only Need Protein If You’re Building Muscles: Myth

Protein is needed for the body to function properly. It’s necessary for maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune system. Since most women can’t get the amount of protein needed through food, whey protein is the best way to go.

When Should Women Incorporate Whey Protein in Their Diets?

The reality is the sooner you start using whey protein in your diet, the faster you’ll feel the countless benefits and notice a change in your body. There isn’t a certain age when you should start consuming whey protein, so we recommend starting now. Whey will do more good than harm, so incorporate it into your daily routine sooner than later.

Key Benefits of Whey Protein for Women

We hope we clarified that women shouldn’t be afraid of consuming whey protein. On the contrary, women should embrace consuming whey protein to get all the incredible benefits and keep their bodies functioning properly. Let’s see some of the perks of whey protein for women’s bodies!

Whey Protein Supports the Immune System

A well-balanced diet and a proper protein intake can improve immunity. The reality is that for our immune system cells to function properly, they need protein. Products containing whey protein increase the production of glutathione, which boosts the immune system. Whey also contains bioactive components that protect against viruses.

Whey Protein Will Make Women’s Hair, Skin and Nails Healthy

Without consuming proteins, you can’t have gorgeous-looking hair, skin, and nails. Collagen, a protein, is crucial in our bone structure and skin. Keratin, also a protein, is key for maintaining healthy hair and strong nails. Many studies have shown that moderately consuming whey protein can significantly improve women’s hair, skin, and nails.

Whey Protein Can Improve Bone Health

Did you know that protein makes up around 50% of the bone’s volume? Whey protein is crucial in maintaining healthy bones, which is why it needs to be incorporated into our diets.

Women are more prone to conditions that impact bone health, especially in the years after menopause, when their bone density decreases. Consuming whey protein can help women improve their bone health and even prevent bone disease, such as osteoporosis.

Whey Protein Will Give You a Leaner Muscle Mass

We have already ruled out the myth about protein making women look bulkier and gain weight. Protein, in fact, can help women lose unwanted body fat while giving them lean muscle mass. Protein shakes that contain whey protein keep the body feeling fuller for longer while giving your physique a much cleaner look.

The Drawbacks of Whey Protein

Like any supplement, whey protein must be consumed in moderation because higher doses can cause serious side effects. Here are some of the symptoms you might experience from excessive usage.

Stomach Pain

Since whey protein contains lactose, excessive supplement use can cause stomach aches and digestion problems, especially in lactose-intolerant women.

Liver Problems

When you consume whey protein, it goes to the liver, and too much of it can damage it over time.

Heart Problems

Overconsumption of whey protein can also lead to arrhythmia and other heart problems.


No matter how beneficial it is for the body, whey is only a supplement, not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.

Final Recommendations

It is a scientifically proven fact that women’s bodies need protein just as much as men’s. Stop believing in all those myths surrounding whey protein, and start consuming it to feel all the benefits.

Whey protein is not only for those who hit the gym but for everyone who wants to consume enough protein to keep their body functioning properly, improve their bone health, and have a much leaner physique.

So next time someone offers a protein shake, don’t be afraid to take it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whey protein is not only great for women but also necessary for the women’s body to function correctly and keep a healthy immune system.

Protein shakes are 100% safe for consumption if taken in moderation and not as a substitute for all meals.

The amount of whey protein needed daily depends on the physical activities. Women’s recommended daily protein intake is 0.8g per kg of body weight.

Although whey protein consumption shows an increase in muscle mass, it’s not considered to be a steroid. The supplement is derived from milk and has no anabolic properties.

Whey protein will help you feel fuller for longer and reduces food cravings. This indicates that consuming it can have major benefits for weight loss.

Most women don’t consume enough protein-rich food to get the body’s recommended daily protein intake. Adding whey protein to their diet is a great way to get enough protein to keep their body functioning. So, the short answer is: Yes, almost every woman needs extra protein in her diet.

Not only does whey protein not causes hair loss, but it rather promotes hair health. Many studies have shown that moderately consuming whey protein can significantly improve women’s hair.

Women don’t have the same hormones that encourage the growth of bulky muscles. Whey will not make women look muscular; on the contrary, it will give them a more toned and leaner shape.

Women should not be afraid of becoming bulkier by consuming whey protein because that’s only a myth. Whey protein can help women lose weight and have a leaner physique.


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