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Gladiator fitness is one of the fastest-growing, result-oriented fitness centers in Macedonia that helps people achieve their fitness goals as well as teach them about nutrition and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Through our Team Z instructors, handpicked trainers, you will have an extraordinary level of help and guidance towards achieving your fitness goals and potentially even start a new career as a bodybuilder.

Take your fitness to another level with the team over at Gladiator Fitness!

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We offer you the best personal trainers in the world!

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Name: Tose Zafirov

Date of birth: 22 January 1978

Experience in fitness: Since 1995

Experience in sports: Since 1991

Top Achievment: Naba Certificate, IFBB Certificate, IBFF Certificate, Over 50 Competitions

Name: Gabriela Zafirova

Date of birth: 06 July 1982

Experience in fitness: Since 2013

Experience in sports: Since 2010

Top Achievments: IFBB Certified Trainer, First Place IBFF – Europe, Second Place IBFF – World

Name: Bobi Ovnarski

Date of birth: 13 March 1999

Experience in fitness: Since 2016

Experience in sports: Since 2006

Top Achievments: Bodybuilding champion in Macedonia – 70kg category

Name: Stefan Cvetkoski

Date of birth: 06 November 1994

Experience in fitness: Since 2013

Experience in sports: Since 2001

Top Achievments: 2019 Man’s Phisique Macedonia Champion and IBFF Certified Trainer

Name: Ivona Nikoloska

Date of birth: 22 January 1998

Experience in fitness: Since 2017

Experience in sports: Since 2014

Top Achievments: IBFF Certified Trainer

we care for your well being and our prices prove that

come and train with us, we’ll help you build a stonger and bigger you!

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