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Gladiator Fitness Center

Gladiator fitness is one of the fastest-growing, result-oriented fitness centers in Macedonia that helps people achieve their fitness goals as well as teach them about nutrition and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Through our Team Z instructors, handpicked trainers, you will have an extraordinary level of help and guidance towards achieving your fitness goals and potentially even start a new career as a bodybuilder.

Take your fitness to another level with the team over at Gladiator Fitness!


We <3 our clients!

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Gladiator Gym Skopje


Meet Our Team

Tose Zafirov

Date of Birth:

22 January 1978

Experience in Fitness:

Since 1995

Experience in Sports:

Since 1991

Top Achievement:

  • Naba Certificate
  • IFBB Certificate
  • IBFF Certificate
  • Over 50 Competitions

Gabriela Zafirova

Date of Birth:

06 July 1982

Experience in Fitness:

Since 2013

Experience in Sports:

Since 2010

Top Achievement:

  • IFBB Certificate
  • First Place IBFF – Europe
  • Second Place IBFF – World


Come and train with us, we’ll help you build a stronger and bigger you!

Become a Member

Pricing List and Membership Cards

1 Month (Off-Peak)

$20.00 / Month

1 Month (All-Day)

$30.00 / Month

Silver Card


for 6 Months

  • Learn to lift with perfect form
  • No training experience necessary
  • 10% of the strongest shop

Gold Card


for 12 Months

  • Goal orienteted program
  • Nutrional advice from professionals
  • 10% Off to the strongest shop

VIP Card


/ Month

  • 24 hours available personal trainer
  • Nutritional diet from professional
  • 15% off to the strongest shop

Diamond Card

Private Card

Special membership card for professional athletes and trainers in bodybuilding and fitness indursty

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