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Here you will learn everything you need to know about bodybuilding and nutrition, as well as follow my journey throughout the world of fitness.

My Diet

Going to the gym is the first step towards being fit, however, you are at the gym only for an hour or two per day, everything else is in the way you eat. Learn how to properly eat healthy and form the body of your dreams.


Take a glimpse into the world of the biggest bodybuilding giants from all across the world.Through these interviews you will gain knowledge and enhance your perspective on what the bodybuilding scene is like across the entire world.

Gladiator Gym

Gladiator Gym is one of the fastest-growing, result-oriented gyms in Macedonia that helps people achieve their fitness goals as well as teach them about nutrition, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Patience is the key!

Taking fitness to the next level

This is a special project for me and my team.

This project is powered by a team of professionals, an organization that goes by the name of HE Group.

about tose zafirov

Born on January 22, 1978 in Negotino. Involved in bodybuilding since the age of 17. Working harder than ever, with one goal in mind, to dominate every competition and inspire competition, to motivate other people to follow his steps and achieve greatness.

Diet and fitness plans

A guide explaining the best diet and fitness plans on the market. Learn how to eat properly and give your body the proper nutrition it needs to remain competitive and strong. Don’t waste a minute, the best time to start living healthy is today.

Everythng you should know about my fitness club

Gladiator Gym

Gladiator Gym is one of the fastest-growing, result-oriented fitness centers in Macedonia that helps people achieve their fitness goals as well as teach them about nutrition and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Through our TEAM Z instructors, handpicked trainers, you will have an extraordinary level of help and guidance towards achieving your fitness goals and potentially even start a new career as a bodybuilder.

Some of the topics I discuss on my blog.

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Fitness Psychology

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Team z

Team of People Empowered by Tose Zafirov

Building Careers

Through this program i can connect you to agencies and events that will give you exposure and guide you with the correct steps towards building a public persona.


Empowering People

Team Z is a project dedicated towards empowering people towards pursuing their careers in the field of fitness.

agsdix-fas fa-swimmer

Adrenaline Rush

For those seeking to do something bigger with their lives and for the fame-chasers.This is for the people who want to push themselves to the next level and build a powerful career.

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Tose zafirov’s Academies

leading the push towards global domination

Fit BIZ Academy

Through this academy, you will experience hardcore training sessions that will prepare you for any challenge within the fitness and bodybuilding world. Through this academy and us, you will be connected with people and attend competitions. It is in our intent to train you and help you attend competitions, with the end goal of giving you a certificate of success.

Everything you earn after that point is up to you, but you will be prepared for anything. This academy will open up many career paths, starting from becoming a fitness instructor, towards competing in global challenges.

Motivational Academy

This academy is created with the end-goal of inspiring many people to start pursuing a career in fitness.Through this academy, you will learn how to train, how to eat, with proper guidance and motivation by mentors such as TEAM Z.

You will no longer be blocked by your anxiety or lack of motivation because through us you will always have a helping hand.