Team Z

Team Z is a project born from a lack of support.

When I first started my career there was nobody out there to guide me or help me.During this time, I had to figure out how to train for myself, and through years of trial and error, I slowly figured out how to eat healthy as well.

When it came to supplements, and lack of access to unlimited information like today, I had to guess which supplements truly had an effect on my body.

This changes today.

Through the Team Z project, you will gain the mentorship necessary for growth, both physically and mentally.You will gain the knowledge and discipline necessary to succeed in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Through this project, you will always have support in whatever you want to pursue in the realm of fitness.

Pro Members


Team Z PRO

Team Z Pro is a category filled with people who have gone through the Team Z program and have evolved to a point where they have become experts in their respectful field within the fitness industry.
This is not limited to only bodybuilding but features different sports such as kickboxing.

Gabriela Zafirova

My name is Gabriela Zafirova and I have been training professionally within the bodybuilding scene since 2013.
I am a IFBB Certified trainer and have won first place in IBFF – Europe and second place in IBFF – World.


Tose Zafirov is a loving husband and father of two who dedicates as much time to his family as he does to the world od bodybuilding.

I am happy to be his wife and I hope that we have many more adventures together.

- Gabriela Zafirova

Kristina Dimitry

Hello, my name is Kristina.
I work as a personal trainer and have a career in music.
I am always training and trying to push my body towards new goals and I want to promote a healthy lifestyle to the world.
My latest song is Kristina Dimitry $ Amir Ibramovski – Samo Parfem


Through the help of my mentor and friend Tose Zafirov I have gained a lot of knowledge about the fitness world and have been able to shape my body to it’s desired form.

I will always support all of his projects and I am happy to be a part of this team.

- Kristina Dimitry

Stefan Mitev

Hello my name is Stefan Mitev i’m 22 years old and i’m coming from Macedonia. I have been into the fitness industry about 6 years, also i’m certified personal trainer on land and also at sea, I have been working on the biggest cruise ship in the world as a fitness director, and also compete in Men’s Physique category.My ambitions are to expand the fitness and also the healthy lifestyle as much as possible because your body its the only place you are going to live in forever.

I have to mention my great friend and training partner Tose Zafirov who is the owner of Gladiator Gym also the most awarded bodybuilder in Macedonia and around the world who share his knowledge and dedication to each client to achieve their goals and to bring their body to perfect condition and last but not least to make them understand the motto “take care of your body because that’s the only place you are going to live in”.

- Stefan Mitev


My name is Tina and I am a fitness trainer.
My passion also lies within the fashion and makeup industry.
I love to travel and I always want to motivate people to follow their dreams.


Tose Zafirov is one of the biggest and most influential bodybuilders in the Macedonian bodybuilding scene and I am proud to call him my friend and mentor.

Through his exceptional training I have managed to achieve multiple career goals.

- Tina

Stefan Cvetkoski

I have been engaged in the bodybuilding scene professionally for about 6 years now and
Have won first place in the Macedonia’s male physique category.
Despite that, I still strive toward achieving self-improvement on a daily basis.
I am also representing Macedonia on European or even Balkan competitions.


Tose Zafirov is first and foremost a good friend, and a mentor second.

He genuenly believes in his disciples and tries to get them to achieve maximum efficiency out of their bodies.

- Stefan Cvetkoski

Sheyla Zarubica

Hello my name is Sheyla Zarubica and I am a Pro in IBFF as well as Miss Universe IBFF 2019.
I am also the European Champion Miss figure of 2019.
I  attended the Faculty of sport and physical education with the goal of learning all about fitness.


Having the body of my dreams was always one of my big goals in life, without this desire, I simply wouldn’t have became the woman I am today.

Thanks to the guidence and knowledge gained by Tose Zafirov, I have managed to achieve that goal.

- Sheyla Zarubica

Bobi Ovnarski

My name is Bobi Ovnarski and I am 20 years old. I have been in the fitness industry on a professional level for about 3 years now and before that I trained handball for 10 years prior to that. I work as a personal trainer and attend bodybuilding competitions. Currently I am a champion in bodybuilding in the 70 kg category.


Tose Zafirov is that one friend I wish I had earlier in life.

He showed me the proper way to diet and train, leading to my overall build.

I am proud to be one of his disciples.

- Bobi Ovnarski

Nikola Marković

Hi my name is Nikola Marković I work professionally as a model for more than 10 years around the world, in my line of work staying healthy and fit its the most important the bodybuilding help me get where I am at ,I love doing it and I am always striving for more. 

Tose it’s my great friend and an example in life ,he was always my inspiration and I greatly admire him for keeping it on top level for so long.

In 16 years since I know him he was never out of shape and always attending bodybuilding competitions.

- Nikola Marković


My name is Anabella and I live in Chicago, I know Tose from a long time ago because we used to train together in Macedonia.
He and his wife are incredible people with a lot of knowledge in the bodybuilding scene and they transfer that knowledge to new people without any hesitation.


I have been training for the entirety of my life but have never met anyone quite like Tose.

He is a man of discipline and pure will to dominate any competition as well as help people achieve their fitness goals.

- Anabella

Marija Mladenova

My name is Marija Mladenova and I am 26 years old.
I am a professional who has a goal towards competing in the European competition.
I am currently preparing for these competitions and am pushing my body to the absolute limit.


Tose has inspired me to pursue a career in fitness and I just love the fact that he is always helpful and here whenever anyone is in need.

- Marija Mladenova

Team Z 

Through this project, I will always be here to support anyone with a desire to pursue anything related to the realm of fitness.
With years of experience and a tremendous amount of knowledge behind me, the Team Z project strives to help anyone achieve greatness.
Shine above the rest.

Ivona Nikoloska

Hello my name is Ivona Nikoloska and I have been a professional trainer within the fitness industry since 2017.

I am a IBFF Certified trainer and have a huge passion towards the world of fitness.


Working with Tose has been one of the best experiences ever.

He’s not only persistent but has genuine passion towards his work.

- Ivona Nikoloska

Martin Kovacevski

Hello, I am Martin Kovacevski and I am a champion within the bodybuilding scene in  within the bench press category. 

I always strive to achieve greatness and push my body to the next limit.

Tose has always been an icon of mine and I am happy to have the opportunity to train with him and achieve my fitness goals.


More Team Z Members – Coming Soon…