Are you willing to make a positive change? Join the thousands of individuals on the same fitness journey!

TESTMONIALS Start Your Transformation
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Are you willing to make a positive change? Join the thousands of individuals on the same fitness journey!

TESTMONIALS Start Your Transformation
English Macedonian

We share the knowledge that Toshe and Gabi have learned over the past 20 years while winning hundreds of medals

We know that some people are successful in many things in life and they do it without difficulty. This blog will help you to become successful in every field of life. You will also dose what you can get from exercise and apply it if you want to be more financially stable, have time for everything and many other ways you can apply this knowledge.

Being constant on the right path to make your dream come true is really hard. No matter what your dream is to buy a house, a car… to have more time for your loved ones, to have more freedom, to travel more… Toše and Gabić will help you how to stay on the right path, where to ask for help and what has helped them over the years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Road to Success: Discover how investing in yourself will help you in various aspects of life. Learn from the experiences of successful individuals who have achieved financial freedom by investing in their physical and mental health.
  • Step-by-step exercise guidance: Enjoy free access to professional videos in which Toshe and Gabriela demonstrate exercises with proper form, ensuring you perform each movement safely and efficiently.
  • How to be successful in any field: Discover how successful people achieve freedom by prioritizing their physical and mental health, using the valuable information gained from exercise in different areas of their lives.

Why do you need help?

It is best to have someone who has been through it all so that you can learn from their mistakes and get there faster with less difficulty. That’s why I will recommend Toshe’s team who has helped thousands of people. Who is made up of professionals. The team is focused on helping as many ambitious people as possible, so the most affordable way to reach your dream is to invest a lot. The team aims to help as many people as possible, sharing valuable information and motivating you to work to ourselves, we do not only help you with exercise and diet, but also with daily habits that will help you achieve your maximum.

Unlike other trainers who demand too much, they treat you all the same and have 3-4 years of “experience” practicing. Toše’s team, together with Toše, who has been doing this for over 20 years, leads you in his footsteps. But the professionals in the team have quite an interesting experience who are successful in many fields of life.

Get help from Toshe’s
team, a group of professionals who have helped thousands of people. Their
expertise and experience will guide you towards your goals, offering valuable
advice and motivation to maximize your potential and achieve success in various
aspects of life.

Meet the team

Gabriela Zafirova:

Master in Psychology and the first champion of Mr. Olympia in Macedonia, she and Toshe will help you with how to perform the exercises, as well as a diet guide.

Toshe Zafirov:

The first Mr. Olympia champion in Macedonia, your fitness mentor, who will also help you with your daily habits.

Zoran Milosevski:

A lawyer with a keen eye for legalities, many years in finesse and how to get the most out of yours, who will also help you in several areas of life

Maya Anachkova:

Doctor of Science, offering invaluable insights to optimize your health and everyday

Nikola Manov:

Computer Science graduate, leveraging technology for your advancement


everyone in the team has a certificate for trainers from Mr. Olympia

We discover the benefits of the Fitness Revolution Group

Detox diet:

The diet that has helped thousands of people around the world to achieve the desired look, the diet is famous because Toshe Zafirov passed it a few months before the competition for Mr. Olympia, the hotel he recommends. In the group, you will find out the more detailed benefits of the diet and whether it is suitable for you.


There are other diets that are also the most effective diets in the world, the team will help you choose the ideal diet for you. You can also get a diet specific to you

Personal advice

In addition to mastering the field of fitness, we will also help you with everyday difficulties. The team has selected the most experienced trainers who are available to help you with your physical and mental health, and to master many other fields.


We guarantee you that together with the team you will go through many beautiful things

Viber group

A group consisting of people, mentors, professionals who all have the same goal. To be better every day. In the group, they motivate each other, share personal experiences and valuable information, which information is only for the most ambitious.

The road to the top

The Road to the Top is a book that is a guide to success, packed with priceless wisdom. A book you get for free when you join the team.

Video file

Professionally performed exercises by Gabi and Toshe that were recorded. You will learn how to perform the exercises

The Bottom Line

Experience success in all areas of life by learning from Toshe and Gabi, who have acquired valuable knowledge over 20 years of winning numerous medals. Discover their habits, achieve your goals faster, and unlock the full potential of your body with their secrets. Join their team of professionals who will guide you towards success, providing exercise guidance, valuable insights, and personalized advice to help you thrive in various fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toshe's team consists of professionals who have helped thousands of people. They offer valuable advice, motivation, and share their knowledge and experiences to guide you towards success. Whether it's achieving financial stability, finding more time for loved ones, or personal growth, the team provides support and strategies to help you succeed in various areas of life

Toshe and Gabi provide step-by-step exercise guidance through professional videos. These videos ensure that you perform each movement safely and efficiently, helping you maximize the benefits of your workouts. Their expertise and demonstrations will help you achieve proper form and get the most out of your exercise routine.

The blog shares the knowledge and insights gained from exercise and applies them to different areas of life. Successful individuals prioritize their physical and mental health, and the information provided in the blog will guide you on how to apply these principles to achieve success in any field. You will learn valuable strategies and habits that can be applied to improve your overall well-being and attain success.

Having someone who has already experienced success and learned from their mistakes can greatly expedite your own journey towards success. Toshe's team has a wealth of experience and expertise, and they treat each individual with equal importance. Unlike trainers who demand too much, the team focuses on helping as many ambitious people as possible. Their guidance, support, and daily habit recommendations will provide you with the necessary tools and motivation to reach your goals more effectively.

Toshe's team consists of professionals with diverse expertise. Gabriela Zafirova, the first champion of Mr. Olympia in Macedonia, and Toshe Zafira, the first Mr. Olympia champion in Macedonia, provide exercise guidance and diet advice. Zoran Milosevski, a lawyer with finesse and legal expertise, offers guidance in various areas of life. Dr. Maya Anachkova brings her knowledge as a Doctor of Science to optimize your health, while Nikola Manov, a Computer Science graduate, leverages technology for your advancement. The team is well-rounded and ready to support you in multiple fields.

The Fitness Revolution Group is a community of like-minded individuals, mentors, and professionals who share the common goal of personal growth. In this group, members motivate each other, share personal experiences, and exchange valuable information. Being part of this group grants you access to exclusive content, detox diet information, personalized advice, and more, enabling you to progress on your journey to success.

"The Road to the Top" is a book packed with priceless wisdom, serving as a guide to success. When you join Toshe's team, you receive this book for free, which provides further insights and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Yes, Toshe's team understands that different individuals have different dietary needs and preferences. They can help you choose the ideal diet plan that suits your specific requirements and goals. The team offers personalized diet recommendations to ensure that you are on the right track towards success.


Tose Zafirov

I have dedicated my life to professional fitness. It’s my passion and life’s work. With over 26 years of experience, I am willing to share everything I have learned within the industry. If you love sports as much as I do, this blog is the place to be!

Official Mr. Olympia Representative

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