Are you willing to make a positive change? Join the thousands of individuals on the same fitness journey!

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Are you willing to make a positive change? Join the thousands of individuals on the same fitness journey!

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Best Mass Gainers

Are you tired of exercising without getting the muscles you want? The solution is a mass gainer, the most popular supplement for building muscle mass.

Tose Zafirov

Mr. Olympia Representative

Introducing Mass Gainers

Are you struggling to gain muscle mass, even though you constantly exercise and have a clean diet? If this is an issue for you, you need to try mass gainers – the supplements that have helped thousands of professional athletes and bodybuilders get the bulky look.

Mass gainers are rich in calories and are the easiest way to get enough calorie intake to increase your muscle mass and get the body shape you want. The supplement has become the go-to choice, even among skinny people who can’t seem to gain weight through food.

In this article, we’ll cover everything about mass gainers and the benefits of using them, and we’ll teach you how to choose the best mass gainer. We’ll also give you a list of the top 10 mass gainer supplements to facilitate your decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mass gainer is a supplement that can help people gain muscle mass
  • It is the perfect solution for bodybuilders, hard gainers, and skinny people who want to increase their muscle mass faster
  • Mass gainers contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • It would help to consume mass gainer right before a workout or after extensive training for the best results

What Are Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers are supplements containing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats created especially to help people gain weight and muscle mass. They are an excellent source of extra calories and protein and the ideal supplement for those who want to build muscle mass and achieve a bulkier look. This supplement has one substantial benefit: it’s the ultimate way to quickly consume many calories.



Mass gainers and whey protein are two different supplements. While these supplements contain protein, fats, and carbohydrates, whey protein is mainly protein-predominant. Most mass gainers typically have a 3:1 or 2:1 carbs-to-protein ratio; some are enriched with vitamins and minerals.

The combination ensures that people who regularly consume it get the needed carbs and fats to gain weight and have enough lean protein to build muscle mass. When you take a mass gainer, the carbohydrates will be absorbed very fast, leading to an insulin spike that causes the amino acids to go toward the muscles. This process causes the build-up of extra muscle size and body weight.

The Difference Between Mass Gainers and Weight Gainers

While some people think that mass and weight gainers are the same, the reality is that these two supplements are completely different products.


Mass gainers and weight gainers require working out. Don’t expect results if you only consume the supplement without putting in an effort.

The purpose of a mass gainer is to help bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts to gain muscle mass. They’re high in protein to support lean muscle mass gain but also contain dietary fiber to support better digestion of nutrients.

Pro Tip

We recommend heavy workouts when consuming a mass gainer to build lean mass and minimize fat accumulation.

Weight gainers, on the other hand, are specifically created to help hard-gainers gain weight. They don’t contain as much protein as mass gainers, and the protein is present in fewer amounts than carbs. These supplements contain less or no dietary fiber at all. They’re also extremely high in calories, between 700 and 1,300 per serving.

Pro Tip

We recommend doing light exercise because weight gainers are suitable for hard gainers.

When Should You Take Mass Gainers?

The best time to consume mass gainers is in the morning. The body has already exhausted the nutrients during the night’s sleep and is in a catabolic state. The mass gainer will help your body get into an anabolic state. These supplements are also effective before or after a workout.

Mass gainers are the perfect solution for people who struggle with eating large amounts of food to cover all the carbs and protein needed for training, muscle growth, and hard gainers. They’re also the best supplements for people who want to gain mass faster during their extensive workouts. Skinny guys can also use them to ensure they consume more calories than they’re burning.

A mass gainer is not for people who don’t do extensive and high-intensive training because, without a proper exercising routine, it can cause fat accumulation and extensive weight gain.


Mass gainers should always be taken in moderation, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Consuming less won’t help you achieve your desired results, while extensive use can lead to side effects.

What Are the Benefits of Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers are among the most popular supplements in the bodybuilding industry. They will help you gain muscle mass while providing other benefits.

Rich In Carbohydrates

Mass gainers are great because they contain a quality amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates would give you the required energy you need to do an intense workout.

Include High-Quality Whey Protein

If you’ve already tried whey protein, you know how beneficial it is for your body. Mass gainers contain high-quality whey protein, the best supplement for bodybuilding. Some brands also incorporate dietary fat in their mass gainers, which can help people achieve a lean physique.

Contain Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Most mass gainer brands contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are extremely important for consumers, nourish your body, and keep your body fit and healthy.

Give You The Required Calories

Some people struggle with gaining weight and muscle mass, no matter how much they eat or follow a strict exercise routine. Mass gainers are the ultimate solution for hard gainers because they provide the required amount of calories to the body.

Help Your Muscles Grow and Recover

Mass gainers contain all the ingredients to help your muscles grow and recover faster. That’s one of the reasons why they’re extremely popular among the bodybuilding community.

They are High in Fiber

If you want to build muscles, your body needs fiber. Fibers will improve your digestion, remove toxins, and help your body absorb the nutrition from food better.


Although they have many benefits, mass gainers can also cause side effects if they’re not taken with precaution. Some side effects include unhealthy weight gain, upset stomach, allergy problems, and increased creatinine levels.

How to Choose the Best Mass Gainers?

There are thousands of mass gainer brands on the market, so making the right mass gainer choice can get difficult. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best mass gainer supplements.

Carb-to-Protein Ratio

The most effective mass gainer has a formula that contains a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Choose supplements containing complex carbohydrates because they take longer to digest and give you more energy. Also, look for products that contain whey proteins, casein, and calcium caseinate to get the best results. These additions will help lean muscle maintenance and prevent muscle breakdown.

Sugar Content

The easiest way to add calories to a weight gainer is to add sugar. The most popular mass gainers don’t contain added sugars, artificial coloring, and preservatives, but they give you calories from clean sources such as complex carbs and proteins. The top mass gainer contains less than 6g of sugar per serving.

Fat Content

The best mass gainer contains 1-2g of saturated fat per serving, meaning never buy a mass gainer than contains more fat than that. Also, they contain omega-3s, CLA, and medium-chain triglycerides.


Consuming too many calories can lead to gaining weight, so the proper way to add mass is to have a proper daily calorie intake. Different brands contain different amounts of calories, so always check the nutritional information to see the exact number of calories you’ll get from one serving.

Digestive Enzymes

If you have a sensitive stomach and are prone to bloating, the best mass gainer for you is one that contains digestive enzymes. These enzymes will improve your digestion and help your body absorb nutrients better.


If you give 100% at the gym, eat a nutrient-dense diet, and still can’t increase your muscle mass, it’s time to try the mass gainers. They have helped many professional bodybuilders and athletes achieve their goals and build muscle mass the fastest way possible.

Mass gainers are packed with all the good things that will make your muscles grow, and some even contain vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning properly.

This popular supplement has countless benefits, but remember to exercise while taking it if you want to see results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mass gainers are safe to consume for most healthy people. They can be very beneficial, but you need to consume the daily recommended dose so you won’t feel any side effects.

The recommended daily intake of mass gainers is 50-150 grams, mixed in with water or in the form of a milkshake. The daily recommendation also depends on the person’s physical activity, health, diet, exercise regime, etc.

Depending on the calories of the mass gainer, you can gain up to two pounds a week. Weight gain also depends on your exercise regime, so don’t think that by just drinking the mass gainer, you’ll see extreme results.

Mass gainers will usually not make you fat if you follow the recommended consumption. However, if you consume excessive calories that you won’t burn out by exercising, you could gain fat.

Although the supplement is safe for everyone, even for people who don’t work out, consuming it without exercising is not recommended. You can consume it once in a while if you want to put on some weight, but regularly consuming it without exercising can only increase your weight and not muscle mass.

Mass gainer and mass protein is the best choice for people who struggle with gaining muscle mass, who can’t consume enough calories through food, hard gainers, and skinny people who want to put in a couple of pounds.

Although the supplement is perfect for mass gain, it does have some side effects, such as unhealthy weight gain, upset stomach, allergy problems, and increased creatinine levels.

Mass gainers contain at least 500 calories per serving. Most contain around 1,000 calories, while some high-calorie products can have up to 1,500 calories per serving or more.

Protein powders only contain pure protein to support lean muscle growth without additional calories. Besides containing whey protein, mass gainer also includes micronutrients such as proteins, carbs, and fats to promote mass gain.

Almost everyone can naturally gain muscle mass. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. Start with a nutrient-rich breakfast, eat every three hours, add a lot of protein to your diet, consume carbs after your workout, eat healthy fats, and see if you’ll get any results. And fortunately, you can always try mass gainers if the natural way doesn’t work for you.

There are thousands of mass gainer brands in the market, with different prices. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive mass gainer; instead, opt for the one that contains the best ingredients and grants you the best value for money.

If the mass gainer is combined with a balanced diet that isn’t high in sugar, then they’re completely safe to use by diabetic people. Also, some brands offer sugar-free mass gainers, which are perfect for dietitians.

Pregnant women and even lactating women can safely use mass gainers to fulfil the increased calorie requirement of nursing mothers and provide macronutrients.

Skinny people can use mass gainers; moreover, they’re designed for skinny people to put on muscle mass. Of course, the supplement intake must be accompanied by nutrient-dense foods.

Most mass gainers don’t cause acne, but it can be a high risk for people prone to acne. Acne can occur due to the whey, carbohydrates, and the digestive burden of consuming many calories in a short time.

There is no scientific evidence that mass gainers can help people increase their height; the supplement can only help you increase your muscles or bulk.

Mass gainers can’t increase belly fat on their own. If you experience this issue while consuming a mass gainer, it’s probably due to other reasons, not the supplement itself.

Mass gainers are safe to drink before bed because most don’t affect your sleeping. Still, it would be best to choose your mass gainer wisely because some contain caffeine, which can keep you awake at night, especially if you consume it before bed.

Mass gainers contain easily digested calories from a source best for building muscles. The supplement also has low-fat content, making it the perfect solution for people who want to build muscle mass.

Mass gainer won’t cause your face to get fat. If you put on a lot of body weight, your face might store some body fat and look rounder. Still, mass gainers don’t cause this.

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