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Gladiator Fitness Center

Gladiator fitness is one of the fastest-growing, result-oriented fitness centers in Macedonia that helps people achieve their fitness goals, teaches them about nutrition, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Gladiator Bodybuilding and Fitness Center is located in Kisela Voda Municipality and has been operational for years now.

Gladiator Gym has equipment for all cardio, weight loss, and muscle gain, which is suited for individuals with different fitness goals. It’s the perfect place to find the needed motivation to change your life for the better. Our members aim to progress, and we strive to facilitate their journey to success.

Through our instructors, handpicked trainers, you will have an extraordinary level of help and guidance towards achieving your fitness goals and potentially even start a new career as a bodybuilder.

At all times, you can find a knowledgeable and experienced individual in the fitness center. Anyone there can assist you on how to use a fitness device properly. You might also ask for some beginner or expert tips.

If you are a first-time user, worry not, our team will welcome you into the fitness niche effortlessly. If you are a professional, you can find like-minded individuals to share some expertise with one another. At the end of the day, our goal is to motivate you to eat healthily, work out properly and effectively, and eventually reach your fullest potential.

Take your fitness to another level with the team over at Gladiator Fitness!

Tose Zafirov Fitness Center image showcasing the gear through which bodybuilders can train in black and yellow, specifically the bench presses


We <3 our clients!

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Gladiator Gym Skopje

Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center showcasing a tire exercise where the person training can lift up the tire.
Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center showcasing the gear it has within the gym itself in a distinctive yellow color
Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center representing a mirror as well as some exercise benches
Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center showcasing the dumbbells it has
Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center image showcasing some of the iron that can be used to train different exercises
Tose Zafirov Gladiator Fitness Center where an instructor is training with the ropes.


Meet Our Team

Tose Zafirov

Date of Birth:

22 January 1978

Experience in Fitness:

Since 1995

Experience in Sports:

Since 1991

Top Achievement:

  • Naba Certificate
  • IFBB Certificate
  • IBFF Certificate
  • Over 50 Competitions

Gabriela Zafirova

Date of Birth:

06 July 1982

Experience in Fitness:

Since 2013

Experience in Sports:

Since 2010

Top Achievement:

  • IFBB Certificate
  • First Place IBFF – Europe
  • Second Place IBFF – World


Come and train with us, we’ll help you build a stronger and bigger you!

Become a Member in Gladiator Gym

Pricing List and Membership Cards

1 Month (Off-Peak)

$20.00 / Month

1 Month (All-Day)

$30.00 / Month

Silver Card


for 6 Months

  • Learn to lift with perfect form
  • No training experience necessary
  • 10% of the strongest shop

Gold Card


for 12 Months

  • Goal orienteted program
  • Nutrional advice from professionals
  • 10% Off to the strongest shop

VIP Card


/ Month

  • 24 hours available personal trainer
  • Nutritional diet from professional
  • 15% off to the strongest shop

Diamond Card

Private Card

Special membership card for professional athletes and trainers in bodybuilding and fitness indursty

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