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Sport Life or Sport-Lajf Trejd is a privately owned trade company, which was officially founded all the way back in may of 2007, making it one of the oldest and best betting platforms in the country.

The company’s HQ is located in Skopje and they have a mission to bring gambling accessible to as many people as possible.

Tose Zafirov, as a sports enthusiast himself fully supports Sport Life, and as such they have been supporting him through his journey for years now.

SportLife Official Logo, which is footballer silhouette, shooting a ball.

Our Friend Since 2017


Gamble Responsibly, get High Wins.

Tose Zafirov standing in a pool, with sunglasses on his eyes and holding a blue, sport life towel in front of him.
Tose Zafirov flexing his muscles, shirtless, while holding a Sport Life Towel in front of him.
Tose Zafirov at the pool holding a Sport Life Towel in front of him, and wearing sunglasses.

Since 2017


Sport Life and Tose Zafirov have been collaborating together for years now.

They are on a mission to bring the sporting industry to the next level.

Through proper work and dedication everything is possible.

An image with a white background, with two logos on it. The logo of Tose Zafirov in a black and red color and the logo of SportLife in navy blue.

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