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Signori create custom tailored suits, designed to your specification and measurements.

The brand was founded on the principle that the impact of custom tailoring should be an affordable choice for aspirational men and women, who value making a strong first impression.

Ideas, individuals and organizations should strive to be unique, meaningful and excellent. Signori feel it’s so important to express these values in the way we dress.

They have distilled the consultation process and our stylists create seasonal collections, to ensure that your handcrafted suit expresses your deepest aspirations and values, whilst acknowledging the latest trends.

Creating a relationship with Signori will empower you to express who you are and where you want to be in life.

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Our Friend Since 2018


Separating the Men from the Boys.

Since 2018


This friendship is based on close cooperation between Tose Zafirov and Signori.

Composed of a team of proven professionals who will give you the chance to dress in beautiful materials and perfect cut regardless of your build.

Signori is with us from the beginning making us look modern and dignified while presenting ourselves at all events in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.


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Theire is no second chances to create a first impression

Signori Work Method


Select a Fabric


Design Your Suit


Take Your Measurements


Craftmanship Process


Final Touches

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