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International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin is one of the first private universities to launch in Macedonia, founded all the way back in 2004 in Sveti Nikole by Ph.D. Jordan Gjorchev. Today, it has two campuses, including one in Sveti Nikole and one in Bitola with thousands of students being educated on a consistent basis.

The university is comprised of five faculties and two institutes. It has a strongly developed international cooperation and has many scholarship programs. It is famous for two scientific conferences, including the International Scientific Dialogue: East-West and the International Philosophical Dialogue: Ease-West.

The mission of the International Slavic University is to be a regional center of significant academic and cultural events, representing an academic environment that offers quality and easy access to all higher education, in a process of pleasant, fair and transparent study that unites ideas from all over the world.

Furthermore, part of the mission of is to offer quality education and scientific activity through a modern curriculum that will contribute to the creation of educational staff that will be upgraded with knowledge, skills and competencies appropriate to the needs of the domestic and global labor market.

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This partenrship is based on close cooperation between Tose Zafirov and International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin.

The main focus of this project will be sports psychology and the education of the young population.

The International Slavic University is different from the others because it is always open for cooperation and certainly knows how to recognize a good idea, and we look forward to seeing how far this project goes.

International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin offer a wide range of services that make the university what it is

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Computer Science
Safety Engineering
You can make your dreams a reality by bringing them to the real world through some of the services offered by MSU

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