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Cosmos Group

Cosmos Group is the general representative for Macedonia of Redist Professional, Red One USA and AC Class brands that are most widespread around the world, with a German or European quality license.

Red One USA is a brand that is designed for all by providing retail and wholesale services. We create diversity in our products to reach out to all people with different styles. You can create any look any style with our line of products while smelling fresh. Most importantly our products are 100% animal cruelty free.

Redist Professional specializes in hair products that can truly bring your hair to the next level.

AC Class Professional offers you everything you’re looking for for your personal care.

Cosmos Group Official Logo, woth those letter, ''C'' in yellow colour, and ''G'' in black colour.

Our Friend Since 2018


Taking Care of Your Body Means More Than Just Training

Tose Zafirov at the Cosmos Group Office, sitting on chair, in front of a desk with laptop computer and some Redist products on it. Tose is wearing black shirt.
Tose Zafirov wearing a purple shirt with burgundy details while holding a Red One product. He is standing in front of a shell with Red One products on it.
Tose Zafirov Next to the Founder of the Cosmos Group, shaking their hands and they are both holding Redist product. There is a red wall behind them, and some products in front of them.
Tose Zafirov standing next to a woman in a back dress, smiling and holding a product from RedOne. He is wearing white shirt and elegant, navy blue vest, and navy blue tie with golden flowers.
Tose Zafirov sitting at the Cosmos Group in front of a laptop computer. He is wearing black shirt and we can see many Redist products in front of him.
Tose Zafirov sitting on a sofa with Redist products in front of him. He is wearing white shirt, navy blue, elegant vest and navy blue tie with golden flowers.

Since 2018


Tose Zafirov is collaborating on this project with Cosmos Group, the official distributer of AC Class, Red One and Redist cosmetic products.

Through this collaboration we hope to bring in a new perspective on the importance of both the male and female grooming and self-care process, as fitness only takes you so far.

All of the brands are most widespread around the world, with a German or more precisely a European quality license and products that no one can remain indifferent to.

The logo of Tose Zafirov which is a man flexing his biceps, in black and red colour, and the logo of Cosmos Group which is in yellow and black colour, on a white background.

Official distributer of AC Class, Red One and Redist cosmetic products

Cosmos Group Represents

Red One Logo in black colour.

Red One

Redist Professional Logo in black colour.

Redist Professional

AC Class Professional Logo in black colour

AC Class Professional

Red One Argan Care Oil bottle, with its box next to it, on a yellow background.
Redist Argan Hair Care Mask, Argan Oil and Argan Shampoo in orange packages.
Redist hand and Body Lotion and Hair perfume in pink colour.
Vaseline Products on a white background, with a white candle next to them.
Red One Creative wax boxes in different colours.
Red One Product Line from Cosmos Group on a grey background, together with shavers, scissors, and sponge.

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