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Butcher Shop Ivanovski has built a powerful reputation due to the fact that it has been selling some of the finest meat on the market.

If you genuinely want the freshest and tastiest meat on the market, look no further, as this is a company that has specialized in meat distribution for decades and always selects the finest meat available.

Ivanovski’s team is one of the most experienced butcher teams out there and will bring you the meat you desire, when you desire it.

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Our Friend Since 2017


Fresh Meat, Every Day, 365 Days a Year!

Since 2017


Butcher Shop Ivanovski and Tose Zafirov have been collaborating together since the very beginning.

They are on a mission to help bodybuilders, as well as everyday people to remain healthy and eat the finest quality of meat available on the market.

Through proper meat consumption, everyone’s muscles can grow.

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Butcher Shop Ivanovski will Cook The Meat, so you Don’t Have to – Enjoy Your Meal!

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Choose The Meat


We’ll Grill The Meat


Take Home Easily


Enjoy Your Meal

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