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Balm of Flavors

Balm of Flavors specializes in providing fresh meal salads in a glass jar with products which originate from the wonderful North Macedonia.

This includes Cereal meals in jars, smoothies, sandwiches and radishes.

Throughout their time in the industry they have truly revolutionized the way people perceive healthy food, and have put their home country on the map with just the sheer amount of flavors that are available.

Their team is fully experienced and has a passion for making some of the tastiest meals in the world.

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Something That Should Never Be Compromised, Something We Strengthen Every Single Day.

Since 2021


This friendship is based on the cooperation between Balm of Flavors and Tose Zafirov.

If you want to eat healthy, and try out things that originate from North Macedonia, this is the place to try them at.

Healthy food should never compromise on flavor and nutrition.

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Balm Of Flavors goal is to prepare high-quality, and healthy meals that will help you have a healthy lifestyle in your hectic life

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There’s No Better Place to Find Healthy Food

How Balm of Flavors Works


Harvested From Our Region


Packed and Delivered to Our Shop


We Mix It


Pack The Meal In Jar


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