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Starting from a young age, Ljubivoj Bakic liked sports, because the results relied on the effort we put into it. With an exceptional fighting spirit, he competed in gymnastics.

After his career in gymnastics ended, he found a new passion – bodybuilding, that would eventually become his career. He fell in love with bodybuilding at the age of 17. After a short period, he made a lot of progress.

In 1997, he attended a competition for the first time and won third place in the Macedonian class to 80kg category.

Since then, he has been learning more and improving himself.

In 2000, he went to Germany. From 2002 to 2016, he attended many competitions in the Grand Prix, competed with visible results, and won medals.

Ljubivoj Bakic is currently a Medical Fitness Instructor in Switzerland and works with a lot of love.


  • Medical Fitness instructor with a specialty in healthy diets and special custom-made diets for sports specialists.
  • Specialist for medical training after an injury or a surgery.
  • Over 24 years of experience within the fitness and bodybuilding industry working as a trainer and a participant in various competitions.

With his great support and coaching in the healthy diet department, he can improve his client’s mental and physical state while keeping them motivated. 

Personal Life

In his personal life, Ljubivoj Bakic is a giving person that loves seeing other people improve.

He now works as a specialist medical fitness instructor in Switzerland. He is also a fitness coach and bodybuilding guide in Switzerland and Germany.

This way, he transfers his immense experience to his clients, as well as his knowledge, so that they can achieve their goals and plans.

“Commitment and the mentality tailored towards success will surely end in absolute control over your life.”

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Ljubivoj Bakic flexing his muscles on a stage, at a bodybuilding competition with a blue background
Ljubivoj Bakic flexing his muscles on stage where we can clearly see his back muscles. He is turned with his back in front of the camera, wearing navy blue trunks.
Ljubivoj Bakic flexing in front of the camera and staring at the audience at a competition with the number 6 showcased on his black trunks.
Ljubivoj Bakic at the gym taking a selfie, in front of a mirror, while flexing his muscles and wearing a white t-shirt.

Improve your lifestyle with a personal trainer

Learn nutrition and exercise with a personalized plan for YOU

Find what works for your figure and health and avoid what doesn’t


An online personal trainer can lead you in your fitness journey. Get expert advice regarding nutrition and exercise!

Reasons to work with a personal trainer

Why A Personal Trainer?

If you do not know what exercise is the best for your body type, general health, and the effects you want to achieve, or simply hate working out on your own, it’s clear – YOU NEED ASSISTANCE.

Without proper nutrition and the correct execution of exercises, you won’t ever reach the body of your dreams.

Sure, it takes effort and dedication. But what’s all of it worth if you are not on the right path?

A personal trainer starts with a complete analysis of you – your weight and figure, health, lifestyle and habits, and the effects you want to achieve. While you might want to lose weight, another client might prefer muscle definition.

Essentially, a personal trainer will develop a specialized program for your NEEDS and WANTS.

Full 24/7 assistance from a fitness professional

What You Get

Hire your personal fitness trainer and achieve your fitness goals in the best possible time range!

Nutrition Plan

Weight loss, muscle development, or any other fitness goal in this regard starts with proper nutrition and supplementation. The personal trainer will develop a nutrition plan according to available ingredients in your region, your work schedule, and your general lifestyle.

Exercise Guidance

Each exercise counts. Well, at least if you are on the right track. Your personal trainer will ensure you work out properly – at the right time, using the proper tools, and executing the exercises as you should. You will also know when is the best time to rest your body.


Sometimes, all you need is a little push in the right direction, especially when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. Your personal trainer will be available to do just that – motivate you to get up in the morning, start the day with exercise and healthy food.

Monitoring & Tracking

Your personal trainer will act as your virtual fitness assistant. While you might not spot your fitness progress, someone will always be there to spot any change, even the most minimal one, in your body and health. In turn, you will get a complete analysis of your process.

24/7 Support

You will be able to contact your personal trainer at any point during your day. Once you exchange your contacts, whether phone numbers or social media, your trainer will be available for nutrition or fitness advice 24/7 during your journey.


With the proper guidance, you can quickly achieve your fitness goals. All it takes is persistence and a slight push from a pro!

If You Are Willing to Learn More

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Online Personal Trainers Do?

Usually, online personal trainers tailor a workout and diet plan to suit the needs and goals of the client. This means that they provide exercises that the person can perform at home or at the gym, as well as recipes for meals.

Who Do Online Personal Trainers Work With?

Online personal trainers work with a wide range of people, for example, people who are exercise newbies, want to change their lifestyle, looking to build muscle, and so on.

How to Find an Online Personal Trainer?

You can find an online personal trainer on our website. Identify the one that best suits your preferences, and feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Are Online Personal Trainers Worth it?

An online personal trainer is well worth the money if you have certain fitness goals that you’re having a hard time accomplishing on your own.

What Is A Good Online Personal Trainer?

A good online personal trainer is one that will help you reach your full potential by tailoring your workouts and meals to your fitness goals and level.

Can Online Personal Trainers Teach Group Fitness?

There are many types of exercise classes that an online personal trainer can teach, including group fitness classes.

Does an Online Personal Trainer Really Help?

Online personal trainers help you by creating accountability. This means that if you don’t stick to your training schedule, you’ll have to confess to them. Their aim is to push you hard enough to achieve your fitness goals.

How Often Should You See an Online Personal Trainer?

How often you see your online personal trainer will depend on your fitness level, your goals, and your budget. If you’re new to exercising, you can try one to three meetings per week.

How Much Does an Online Personal Trainer Cost?

A great online personal trainer usually costs from $50 to $100 an hour. However, with Team Z, you can hire online personal trainers for about $330 per month.

What Variety of Training Options Do Online Personal Trainers Provide for Clients?

Online Personal Trailers can work with clients who are located in their office, in parks and public areas, at the local gym, and at home. They are flexible to clients’ location, as well as their schedules.

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