An image of Tose Zafirov on a grey background. He is wearing a black Signori suit and black bow tie

Team Z - Online Personal Trainers

Are you a beginner in the fitness world, or you need an extra push to reach your fullest potential? Get yourself a personal trainer from the Team Z and achieve the body of your dreams in no time.

If you are new to fitness, our personal trainers will select the most appropriate exercises to begin your fitness journey and will ensure that you are using the correct technique and form.

The starting point is always the scariest and most difficult, and we will help you get through it!
Our personal trainers will provide you tailored nutritional and workouts plan to help you meet your goals. Our trainers will provide you with a health of guidance, experience, and knowledge, so you can take your training to the next level.

Our personal trainers are available 24/7 to provide you with the right guidance and motivation for proper nutrition and exercise, thus a healthy lifestyle. Start your fitness journey and make each effort count by choosing the best personal trainer for the fitness goal you have in mind.


Unlock Your Potential!

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Online Personal Fitness Trainers

Hire your personal virtual trainer to guide you in workouts and nutrition. All trainers are available to start today and assist you on a monthly basis.

Tose Zafirov

Gabriela Zafirova standing at a gym flexing her body's muscles, There is gym equipment behind her. She is wearing black adidas sports bra an black shorts.

Gabriela Z.

Hristijan Manasievski showcasing his abs in a photoshoot at a studio with grey background while wearing a red t-shirt which he is rising and jeans

Hristijan M.

Ivana Kocevska smiling after a completed exercise at the gym, she is on her knees at the ground and she is wearing light pink sport bra and leggings.

Ivana K.

An image of Emilija Mandzukovska training at the gym, with her right arm up. She is wearing grey sport set.s

Emilija M.

Aleksandar Mandzukovski lifting weights and training his legs while staring at the camera. He is without t-shirt and he is wearing black sweatpants.

Aleksandar M.

An image of Silvana Veljanoska holding weights over her shoulders in a squatting position. She is wearing black shorts and green sports bra.

Silvana V.

A mirror selfie of Viktorija Zajkova where she is at the locker room at the gym while wearing light pink sports bra and leggings. She has a tattoo on her hand

Viktorija Z.

Trajche Stojanov flexing his hand's muscles and starting at the camera while wearing black t-shirt with red details.

Trajche S.

Sara Stojanoska flexing her biceps at the gym and staring at the camera, while holding blue bottle. She is wearing navy blue, sports bra, and blue leggings.

Sara S.

Ljubivoj Bakic flexing his muscles at the bodybuilding competition

Ljubivoj B.


The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps.

Tose Zafirov in a black t-shirt with orange details, training at the gym with Gabriela Zafirova. Photo session for Team Z campaign.


Team Z

Team Z is a project born from a lack of support. When I first started my career there was nobody out there. During this time, I had to figure out how to train and eat properly. Through years of trial and error, I slowly figured out how to eat and train.

With my help this changes today. All of the people who are ambitious will have full support from my entire team.

Through this project, you will gain the mentorship necessary for growth, both physically and mentally. You will gain the knowledge and discipline necessary to succeed in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

With the help of my team we’ll make sure to build a community of people ready for success and at the same time our team will work on searching for supporters.

As an individual, or potential supporter feel free to contact us.

Main Focus

Team Z Benefits

Adrenaline Rush

For those seeking to do something bigger with their lives and for the fame-chasers. This is for the people who want to push themselves to the next level and build a powerful career.

Empowering People

A project dedicated towards empowering people towards pursuing their careers in the field of fitness.


Building Careers

Through this program i can connect you to agencies and events that will give you exposure and guide you with the correct steps towards building a public persona.

Faster Results

With our guidance, you will achieve the results you have always wanted in a shorter period of time.


Our programs will educate you on all aspects of exercise, fitness, and health.

Long-term Habits

Our programs will help you form long-term healthy habits and stick to regular fitness sessions.


Why wait to improve your health? The best time to start your fitness journey is right now.

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