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Silvana Veljanoska (Online Personal Trainer)

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For the price, you get an online personal trainer for 30 days.

These fitness instructors will be available 24/7 through various platforms such as Email, WhatsApp and Viber.

The exercises will be given week to week, specifically tailored towards your specific needs. You will also receive a diet plan as well as a personalized plan for your specific needs.

When it comes to the types of communication, the instructors will assist you on a day by day basis where you will receive psychological support as well as a specific meal plan.


Support – Through the Personal Training Program You Will Get All of the Mental, Emotional and Educational Support You Need in Order to Succeed

Mentorship – Through the Mentorship Program You Will Have All of the Information and Experience Required to Achieve the Body of Your Dreams

Evolution – Evolve Your Body and Your Mind Through Taking Similar Steps Foretold by the Experts in the Bodybuilding and Sports Industry

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Silvana Veljanovska was born in Skopje on the 13th of June in 1995. She trained Handball when she turned 10.

Afterwards, at the age of 19 she signed up for kickbox and from a hobby it turned into a professional career for her with a huge passion towards competing.

While she was training kickbox, she trained at the gym and has even tried CrossFit with the intention of building up her endurance. In 2020, she also started learning mixed martial arts.


  • 2017 - Third Place at the Kickbox "Grand Prix BiH" Sarajevo
  • 2017 - Third Place at the Balkan Best Fighters Nis
  • 2018- Third Place at the European Cup Karlovac
  • 2018 - Second place at the Balkan Best Fighters Nis
  • 2019 - First Place at the National Tournament of Skopje
  • 2019 - Third Place at the Balkan Best Fighters Nis

Personal Life

She works as an assistant manager at the laboratory of one of the best firms in Macedonia that's known across the entire world known as Alkaloid.

She also holds private training sessions at a gym, as well as individual training sessions for specific people.

She's a huge cat lover and I cannot imagen living without any cat in her home.

As a hobby she likes to travel, especially on places that have access to the sea.


She speaks three languages including Macedonian, Bulgarian, and English.


"Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it."

Learn more about Silvana Veljanoska's everyday life @__canelaa_


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