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Diet Plans

Each fitness journey starts with proper nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, you cannot go far solely with exercise. Here’s where the diet plans kick in!

Tose Zafirov and his team built different diet plans to suit all individuals’ needs with a fitness goal in mind.

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced pro, here, you can find a diet plan for your needs and wants.


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Detox Diet running on both laptop and mobile device

Detox Diet - Our Best Seller


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Diet Plans Specialized For Your Needs

Diet 3000 Mockup Featured Image showcasing fish, meat and vegetables

Diet 3000 – Gain Mass Through an Active Lifestyle

Diet 2000 image showcasing a healthy diet, with salad on the lower part of the image.

Diet 2000 – Keep in Shape While Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Diet 4000 showcased that it is Available anywhere, with a white plate with salad on the right, lower corner.

Diet 4000 – Recreational Athletes That Want to Push Boundaries

Diet 1000 Mockup Featured Image showcasing vegetables such as onions, cucumbers and tomatoes on the left side of the photo

Diet 1000 – Best Plan for Those Who Want to Loose Weight

Diet 5000 mockup image that is available anywhere, with soup, and meat and salad in a white plate, on the right side.

Diet 5000 – Specifically Curated Diet for Professional Athletes

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