Next Academy: 10th October 2021

At the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe, we are dedicated to developing engaging and cutting-edge fitness education.

We deliver transparent pricing, which you can look at on our Pricing page. Anyone from the Europe is eligible to take part in the Academy.

Mr. Olympia Academy Europe

How Does the Overall Process Work?

Getting the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate is not a one-stop-shop. Instead, it’s a process with two different stages. First, you will attend the lectures. And finally, you need to pass the end exams.

Step 1 – Learning Process

You will get access to six courses, which will be held online.

More precisely, each course professor will provide lectures in video format. Essentially, this is the central piece of the entire process.

Academy participants will get access to all classes after making the payment. We provide flexibility as we understand the busy schedule of fitness enthusiasts. In turn, potential certificate owners can organize their time and classes and prepare for the final exam at 10th of October – Sunday!

Step 2 – Exams and Certification

There is a final exam sessions within the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe.

The exams consist of the materials learned through the video materials. Essentially, anyone focused during the lectures can pass the exam and get the Official Mr. Olympia Academy Certification.

If you fail a course within the final exams, you will have an opportunity to retake it. The first time you retake the exam won’t cost you a dime. But, if you fail it again the second time around, the next time you retake it, you’ll have to pay an additional €20 per course.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you are ready to take the next step in your fitness career, the Mr. Olympia Academy Certification is an excellent choice for you.

We are sure that you’ll gain a lot of knowledge from experience and have fun and meet some new people in the field!

The official logo of the certificate of Mr. Olympia Europe, Joe Wider's, with red, black and gold details.
An image of a women, standing on the Mr. Olympia Stage while flexing her muscles. She is wearing elegant red bikini, with silver details, with number 77 on it.
An image of bodybuilders on the stage on Mr. Olympia Competition while flexing their muscles on their performace.
An image of Oksana Grishina, where she is celebrating the award of Mr. Olympia, on stage, with the medal on her neck and a goblet in her hands. She is wearing elegant bikini set.
An image of Yarishna Ayala, on the Mr. Olympia stage. She is wearing elegant, navy blue bikini set and she is smiling.
An image of the bodybuilding competitors, on the Stage of Mr. Oympia. They are turned with their back in the front of the camera.
An image of Shanique Grant in the backstage of a competition, while lifting weights. SHe is wearing elegant, silver bikini set, and glasses on her eyes.