Next Academy: 10 October 2021

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The price for the Official Mr. Olympia Academy Certification is €500 (50% OFF)

This is a Special offer from Mr. Olympia, for the first Mr. Olympia Academy Europe.

The price covers the access to all lectures in video format, the Final Exams, and the Certificate itself.

Reasons to Join Us

Are you hesitant about whether you should apply or not? We can assure you that the Mr. Olympia Academy offers many great opportunities.

By attending the Mr. Olympia Academy, you will meet lots of people from the industry. You can leverage the connections you make with people to help you on your fitness journey.

By attending the daily lectures, you’ll get a lot of insights and knowledge from one of the leading names in fitness.

After finishing the exam, you’ll obtain an Official Mr. Olympia Academy Certification. The certification comes from an accredited organization, which will give you credibility. One of the first things that employers ask on a job interview is who you are certified by, so having a proper certification can help you get a job in the future.

The Mr. Olympia Academy Certification will prove your expertise. If you have a brand, this will show your clients that you understand their issues and goals. The Mr. Olympia Certification should be a sign that you have competence and specialization in your field.

Lastly, the Mr. Olympia Academy Certification will help you differentiate yourself from the competition. This certification will add value to your personal brand and help you differentiate yourself from other trainers.

The official logo of the certificate of Mr. Olympia Europe, Joe Wider's, with red, black and gold details.