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Join the Mr. Olympia Academy, a part of the world leading fitness organization Mr. Olympia!

What is Mr. Olympia?

General Info

Mr. Olympia is the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding competition. Joe Weider established the contest as a way for Mr. Universe winners to compete further and earn additional money or awards.

Today, we recognize it as Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend—an international bodybuilding competition held annually by the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB).

The first Mr. Olympia competition took place in New York’s Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 18, 1965, when Larry Scott won his first of two straight titles. Then, they relocated the event to Paris in 1971. Las Vegas, NV, has been the home of the competition since 1999, essentially becoming its trademark location. The last contest, 2020 Mr. Olympia, took place in Orlando, Florida.

Back in the day, the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding contest was crowned ‘Mr.Olympia,’ aka the name of the competition. In turn, the female bodybuilder got the award ‘Ms. Olympia’. However, over the years, Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend has introduced new divisions.

An image in black and white of Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage. There is audience in the background.
An image of Flex Wheeler, in black and white. He is on stage, wearing trunks and flexing his muscles.
An image of Dorian Yates, on which he is flexing his muscles. The image is in black and white.
An image of Hadi Choopan, in black and white, on the backstage of the competition. He is wearing elegant trunks with number 3 on it.
Image of Thierry Pastel, in black and white. He is on stage, on a competition.
An image of Kevin Levrone in his young age, in a black and white.

Currently, the contest features 11 different divisions: Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, 212 Olympia, Figure Olympia, Fitness Olympia, Bikini Olympia, Men’s Physique Olympia, Women’s Physique Olympia, Classic Physique Olympia, Wellness Olympia, and Wheelchair Olympia.

It’s great prestige in the fitness world to get to participate in this bodybuilding competition. For an individual to go out on the scene, they first must pass the Olympia Qualifying Season.

The IFBB selects Olympia contestants from among the highest-placed competitors at various qualifying competitions in the Olympia Qualifying Season. The process for each annual event lasts the whole year before, ending only a few months before the actual Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

The IFBB announced their updated qualifying rules for most divisions in 2019. Under these conditions, an IFBB athlete must place in the top five in their division at the previous Olympia, win any of the IFBB qualifying contests or rank among the top three in total points awarded for second through the fifth place at qualifying competitions.

If a division has over 25 qualifying competitions, they automatically qualify the previous Olympia winner, the winner of each qualifying competition, and the top five in total points.

At last, the IFBB Professional League also has the discretion to extend special invitations to other competitors.

Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman are the most notable names regarding the contest, both of which have won the title eight times. The latest Mr. Olympia champion is Mamdouh Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy.

The latest news regarding the Mr. Olympia competition refers to training certifications. For the first time in history, the team has opened an opportunity for qualified personal trainers to achieve the highest level of credibility and status in their field by acquiring an official certification.

The winner of the NYC Pro Category, on stage. He is holding the award in his hand and he is celebrating the victory. He is wearing silver trunks.
An image of Chris Bumstead on the Mr. Olympia Stage, with his golden medal on his neck. He is flexing his muscles and he is wearin black trunks.
Tonio Burton on the Mr. Olympia stage, with his medal in front of him, he is flexing his muscles and he is wearing red trunks with the number 22 on it.
An image of Big Remy, on the Mr. Olympia Stage, with a medal on his neck, and a goblet in his hand. He is wearing dark green elegant trunks.
An image of Lee Haney flexing his muscles with a medal on his neck, and he is wearing red trunks.
An image when The Rock is giving the award to the winner of Mr. Olympia, on stage. They are both smiling.


Do you aim for official fitness recognition? Join your colleagues at Mr. Olympia Academy this November!

Mr. Olympia Academy

The Certificate of Olympia

The Mr. Olympia Academy Official Certificate will cover four general areas: nutrition, anatomy, fitness, and sports psychology.

Nutrition: Guest speakers and nutrition experts will cover this niche at two levels: basic and advanced nutrition.

  • Basic nutrition will cover all aspects and importance of metabolism and energy balance, vitamins, minerals, water, proteins, carbohydrates, and supplements. At this point, nutritional experts will explain the needed ingredients to satisfy the body’s daily needs and achieve short-term and long-term fitness goals.
  • Advanced nutrition takes things to another level, explaining the concepts behind building a diet plan. What things should you take into consideration as a professional? What are the basic principles of meal planning? What kind of foods should you incorporate and combine with exercise and recovery?

Anatomy: Professionals covering the human body anatomy will cover materials regarding all Musculus Biceps Brachii, Musculus Triceps Brachii, Antebrachial, Front Deltoid, Side Deltoid, Rear Deltoid, Whole Chest, Upper Chest, Lower Chest, Whole Back, Waist, Quadriceps, Musculus Biceps Femoris (Hamstring), Adductor, Calf, Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Abdomen, Iliopsoas, and External Oblique muscles.

Fitness: Regarding fitness, the Certification lecturers will focus on proper workouts with practical examples at the gym. The 7-day event will include several such occasions, where professionals get to learn from fellow professionals and enhance their fitness knowledge and skills.

Sports Psychology: At last, the Certification includes a sports psychology component, where psychologists aim to explain the relationship between the human body and mind. With proper mental training skills, professionals can further upgrade their fitness knowledge and achieve more effective results.

The official logo of the certificate of Mr. Olympia Europe, Joe Wider's, with red, black and gold details.
An image of a women, standing on the Mr. Olympia Stage while flexing her muscles. She is wearing elegant red bikini, with silver details, with number 77 on it.
An image of bodybuilders on the stage on Mr. Olympia Competition while flexing their muscles on their performace.
An image of Oksana Grishina, where she is celebrating the award of Mr. Olympia, on stage, with the medal on her neck and a goblet in her hands. She is wearing elegant bikini set.
An image of Yarishna Ayala, on the Mr. Olympia stage. She is wearing elegant, navy blue bikini set and she is smiling.
An image of the bodybuilding competitors, on the Stage of Mr. Oympia. They are turned with their back in the front of the camera.
An image of Shanique Grant in the backstage of a competition, while lifting weights. SHe is wearing elegant, silver bikini set, and glasses on her eyes.

Team Behind Mr. Olympia Academy for the Balkan Region

A Word From the Team

We are so excited to announce the Mr. Olympia Academy Balkan Region. It’s a remarkable innovation in the fitness world, and if you are part of this niche, you certainly get why we are so glad to be organizing it. It’s not an easy job, and it assumes enormous responsibility, but we are more than happy to take it.

Now, when it comes to the process, it will be a bit challenging. Surely, you get it; it must be. We essentially want to find a way to separate the best from the rest. People should take great pride in passing the whole process in the Mr. Olympia Academy Balkan Region, so we developed the three stages accordingly.

In general, it will be a super entertaining experience. Even in the first phase, the qualification process, we’ll separate the potential candidates from the less qualified parties from the fitness niche. Once we establish the attendee group, we’ll get to enjoy the entire experience together online.

During this seminar, attendees will get to listen to various classes, including some of the top names from fitness, some of which are close friends of ours. We’ll organize different activities, which, trust me when we say, will not be boring at all.

Our ultimate goal is for attendees to enjoy the whole process of getting the Mr. Olympia Academy Balkan Region Certificate. Undoubtedly, it will be strict and will require focus and knowledge. Still, it will be a fun experience, one to remember for all the years to come.

So, if you are still unsure of whether to join or not, we are here to say the Mr. Olympia Academy Balkan Region is worth it!

Tose Zafirov wearing a black Signori suit, with white shirt, black elegant vest, and black bow tie. He is also wearing sunglasses and he is looking ahead, while holding his black, leather bag.
An image of a bodybuilder on the Mr. Olympia stage. He is flexing his muscles.
An image of Oksana Grishina, while performing on Mr. Olympia stage in an elegant dark green costume with gold details.
An image of the bodybuildeers who won the first three places on the Mr. Olympia Competition. They are on stage, with the medals on their necks.
An image of the three women who won the first three places on Mr. Olymipa. They are on the stage with the medals on their neck, and they are flxing their muscles.
An image of Whitney Jones on stage on Mr. Olympia while doing her performance. She is jumping while wearing silver set.
An image of Phil Heath in the gym, during his training. He is wearing yellow t-shirt with black details and he is yelling.


Mr. Olympia Academy takes you one step closer to success. Get your certificate this 2021!

Why Should You Attend The Academy?

Mr. Olympia Academy Benefits

Official Recognition

Upon passing the exam, you will receive the world-recognized Official Mr.Olympia Certificate, limited to top professionals in the niche.

Enhanced Knowledge

You will get to hear what nutrition, fitness, psychology, and anatomy experts have to say from their field of expertise.

Functional Fitness

While you will listen to a lot of theory, you will also learn what works in practice and what doesn’t firsthand.

Develop A Vision

Understanding the most important trends from the fitness world will help you form a vision of what is about to come in the future.

Creative Experience

The entire process of getting the Mr. Olympia Academy Certification is essentially a fun journey, where you will visit another country and enjoy all it has to offer.

Business Networking

You can meet and expand your network with like-minded individuals from the fitness world and capitalize upon these opportunities in the future.

An image of Samir Bannout, while flefing his muscles and wearing green trunks.
An image of Hadi Choopan on a competition. He is flexing his muscles on stage, while wearing red trunks.
An image of Kevin Levrone on stage. He is flexing his muscles and he is wearing red trunks.
An image of Jay Cutler, on stage, while smiling and flexing his muscles. He is wearing green trunks.
Big Ramy on the Mr. Olympia Stage while flexing his muscles.
An image of Josh Lenartowicz on the Mr. Olympia Stage. He is wearing red trunks with number 13, and he is smiling.

How Does The Overall Process Work?

The Academy

Getting the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate is not a one-stop-shop. Instead, it’s a process with three different stages. First, you will have to qualify for participation. Then, you will attend the seminar. And finally, you need to pass the end exam.


At the qualification stage, potential certificate owners need to pass the entrance exam. It consists of 50 questions, covering different aspects of nutrition and supplementation, fitness and proper workout, general health, tips, and the Mr. Olympia history, winners, and similar information.

All Balkan Region citizens are eligible to take the qualification form, participate in the event, and take the final exam for the Official Certification.


Once potential certificate owners pass the entrance exam, they can attend the seminar, which will be held online. Essentially, this is the central piece of the entire process.

Each day, there are two classes, each four hours long. During these classes, participants can learn theory from experienced individuals and experts from proper niches, after which they get an opportunity to test this knowledge in practice.

Exam and Certification

After the learning period, each participant takes the final exam. It consists of the materials learned through the week-long seminar. Essentially, anyone focused during the lectures and exercises can pass the exam and get the Official Mr. Olympia Academy Certification.


Join the best of the best at the week-long seminar. Be ready to expand your network at Mr. Olympia Academy.

What Will It Cost You?


The price for the Official Mr. Olympia Academy Certification is $1,000.

It includes plane tickets, a 7-day all-inclusive stay in Grand Hotel, Bansko, Bulgaria, access to all lectures and exercises during the week, the qualification, and the final exam.

An image of Andrea Shaw on the Mr. Olymipa Competition stage. She is smiling while flexing her muscles and she is wearing red elegant bikini set.
Phil Heath in the backstage on a competition, while one girl is putting some color on his body.
An image of a bodybuilder, in the backstage of a competition wit some wights in front of him. He is wearing green trunks.
An image of Dexter Jackson. He is wearing red trunks with number 15 on it, and he is without t-shirt.
Chris Bumstead and Big Ramy in a gym. They are both flexing his muscles while they are not wearing t-shirts.
An image of Big Ramy, Phil Heath, and Brandon Curry on stage on Mr. Olympia Competition, with their medals on their neck.

Where Can You Reach Us?


If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming Mr. Olympia Academy Europe or the Official Certificate, you can contact us at here.