Next Academy: 10th October 2021

Mr. Olympia Certification – Europe

Mr. Olympia Academy

Welcome to the Official Mr. Olympia Academy in Europe. We are so excited to announce the following event, scheduled for October 10th – 2021.

Apply now and start your journey toward official recognition in the fitness world!

An image of the entire Fit Biz academy team as well as the students in the Pulse Fitness Center.


Mr. Olympia Academy Europe takes you one step closer to success. Get your Certificate this 2021!

Why Should You Attend The Academy?

Mr. Olympia Academy Benefits

Official Recognition

Upon passing the exams, you will receive the world-recognized Official Mr. Olympia Certificate, limited to top professionals in the niche.

Enhanced Knowledge

You will get to hear what nutrition, fitness, psychology, and anatomy experts have to say from their field of expertise.

Functional Fitness

While you will listen to a lot of theory, you will also learn what works in practice and what doesn’t firsthand.

Develop A Vision

Understanding the most important trends from the fitness world will help you form a vision of what is about to come in the future.

Business Networking

You can meet and expand your network with like-minded individuals from the fitness world and capitalize upon these opportunities in the future.

An image of Samir Bannout, while flefing his muscles and wearing green trunks.
An image of Hadi Choopan on a competition. He is flexing his muscles on stage, while wearing red trunks.
An image of Kevin Levrone on stage. He is flexing his muscles and he is wearing red trunks.
An image of Jay Cutler, on stage, while smiling and flexing his muscles. He is wearing green trunks.
Big Ramy on the Mr. Olympia Stage while flexing his muscles.
An image of Josh Lenartowicz on the Mr. Olympia Stage. He is wearing red trunks with number 13, and he is smiling.

Team Behind Mr. Olympia Academy for the Europe

A Word From the Team

We are so excited to announce the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe. It’s a remarkable innovation in the fitness world, and if you are part of this niche, you certainly get why we are so glad to be organizing it. It’s not an easy job, and it assumes enormous responsibility, but we are more than happy to take it.

Now, when it comes to the process, it will be a bit challenging. Indeed, you get it; it must be. We essentially want to find a way to separate the best from the rest. People should take great pride in passing the whole process in the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe, so we developed the three stages accordingly.

In general, it will be a super entertaining experience. Even in the first phase, the qualification process, we’ll separate the potential candidates from the less qualified parties from the fitness niche. Once we establish the attendee group, we’ll get to enjoy the entire experience together online.

During the lectures, attendees will get to listen to various classes, including some of the top names from fitness, some of which are close friends of ours.

Our ultimate goal is for attendees to enjoy the whole process of getting the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate. Undoubtedly, it will be strict and will require focus and knowledge. Still, it will be a fun experience, one to remember for all the years to come.

So, if you are still unsure of whether to join or not, we are here to say the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe is worth it!

The official logo of the certificate of Mr. Olympia Europe, Joe Wider's, with red, black and gold details.
An image of Andrea Shaw on the Mr. Olymipa Competition stage. She is smiling while flexing her muscles and she is wearing red elegant bikini set.
Phil Heath in the backstage on a competition, while one girl is putting some color on his body.
An image of a bodybuilder, in the backstage of a competition wit some wights in front of him. He is wearing green trunks.
An image of Dexter Jackson. He is wearing red trunks with number 15 on it, and he is without t-shirt.
Chris Bumstead and Big Ramy in a gym. They are both flexing his muscles while they are not wearing t-shirts.
An image of Big Ramy, Phil Heath, and Brandon Curry on stage on Mr. Olympia Competition, with their medals on their neck.

If You Are Willing to Learn More

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Citizens from Which Countries Can Apply for the Mr. Olympia Academy Europe?

All citizens from the Europe.

Is the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate Valid?

The Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate is valid, and you can use it for future employment or other means.

Is the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate Free?

No, the certificate costs €850.

Where Will the Mr. Olympia Academy Be Held?

The Mr. Olympia Academy will be held online.

What Areas Will the Mr. Olympia Academy Cover?

The Academy will cover the following four areas: sports psychology, fitness, nutrition, and anatomy.

Is the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate Reserved Only for Previous Competitors of Olympia?

No, you don’t have to be a former competitor of Mr. Olympia to get the Mr. Olympia Academy Certificate. Anyone who is a fitness enthusiast is a suitable candidate.