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Announcement: Mr. Olympia 2021 (October 07-10)

Mar 9, 2021 | Fitness News

The announcement is finally official as the 2021 Olympia Fitness and Performance weekend returns to Orange County Convention Center in Orlando FL from October 7th to the 10th. The dates and location were officially announced in a press release on the Mr. Olympia website itself.

When we take a look at the history of the Mr. Olympia competition, it was held in September, more specifically in Las Vegas. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, however, the 2020 show was moved to Orlando FL in December.

The President and the Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon mentioned in the press release that the team was kept busy evaluating the options for this year’s event and that the official location of Orlando as selected. This is because the entire city welcomed both fans and athletes with open arms throughout 2020, and the sights are now set at taking things further.

Alongside Solomon, the owner and promoter known as Jack Wood was credited with bringing the Mr. Olympia competition back since it was originally disbanded all the way back in 2014.

It’s important to note that this announcement comes after about two months since the 2020 Olympia competition took place. It was the first time since 1998, that this competition was held anywhere outside of Las Vegas, NV.

This is the world’s biggest bodybuilding event, alongside the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival. That event would originally be held on March in Columbus, OH, but there are still no official words about where and when that event will occur. The show takes place before Mr. Olympia, as the Arnold Classic champion qualifies for the big event is now set to take place in Florida.

In other news, the 2021 Olympia event will be the first title defense for Mamdouh Elssbiay, who is known as “Big Ramy”, who became the 16th man to hold the title in December of 2020.

This article will be updated as we receive more information about the event, including where and how you can purchase your tickets.

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