Fit Biz Academy

Globally, there is a growing need for trainers who care about people looking for help with their looks, health and wellness.

This academy will not only give you the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized IBFF certificate, but also to gain current and applicable knowledge from people who invest a lot of love and energy in fitness and wellness on a daily basis.

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An image of the entire Fit Biz academy team as well as the students in the Pulse Fitness Center.

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About Fit Biz Academy

Tose Zafirov presenting at the Fit Biz Academy in front of students. He is wearing white, adidas t-shirt and black sweatpants. There is a huge screen behind him, with a text and his logo.
An exercise and practical example of what it is like to do deadlifts as showcased on the Fit Biz academy by an instructor. One girl is practicing with the instructor and the other s are looking at them.
The Fit Biz Academy giving presentations to the students that are attending the event. They are sitting on black chairs.
The students of the Fit Biz academy training on green exercise balls in the Pulse Fitness Centre
An image of the attending students of the Fit Biz Academy sitting on black chairs in the Pulse Fitness Center.
An image of an attendee at the Fit Biz academy paying attention to the lecturers and reading up on the materials. She is sitting on a black chair with her legs crossed. The girl is wearing white t-shirt

The Fit Biz Academy Can Prepare You for Anything

Fit Biz Academy Benefits

Predict The Future

Vision for the fitness and wellness industry in the next 5 years.

Become Professional

Work with injuries and specific clients who need help.

Functional Fitness

Learn what works, and what does not, to make more educated decisions.

Strength Training

Get fit, get others fit, improve your body and your mind at the same time.

Learn About Nutrition

Nutrition basics for recreationalists, professors and people with a desire for a better look.

Go Digital

Working online and with social media through the creation a personal brand and communicate efficiently.

Tose Zafirov in a white, adidas t-shirt and black sweatpants. He staying next to Gabriela Zafirova, together with Josif Damjanov. They are all smiling in front of the camera.

Attend the Fit Biz Academy

A Word From Our Team

Working towards a goal can be difficult work.This is especially the case when it comes to working towards a good body and abdomen.

At this academy, our team of experts will show you how to achieve your fitness goals and connect you with many opportunities with the end-goal of helping you build your own brand in the fastest growing fitness and wellness industry.

We are going to show you a lot of tactics and strategies as to how to build a system that will allow you to build a large-scale infrastructure that will work well with people

Our Team

Fit Biz Academy Instructors

Tose Zafirov

Fitness and Bodybuilding Expert

  • Owner of Gladiator Fitness Center.
  • 4x Macedonian Bodybuilding Champion.
  • 3rd Place in World Championship in Rome.
  • 1st Place – IBFF Hungary PRO
  • 2nd Place – Slovenia Open PRO
  • 2x World Vice Champion
  • 3rd Place Mr. Universe

Josif Damjanov


  • Host of #askjosif vlog
  • Host of Q&A show on TV Telma
  • Herbalife Nutrition member
  • Co-Founder of FitKit App
  • Co-Founder of Coach Josif products

Dusko Madzarovic

Fitness and Sports Figure

  • President of IBFF
  • City of Koper – Director of sports
  • Owner of California Muscle & Fitness in Koper
  • World champion in amateur body building (1999, 2006, 2007)

Dijana Shivachev

Kinesiology Specialist

  • Bachelor of Science Kinesiology
  • Certificate of Erasmus + Just Sport project
  • 1st Place Road Cycling in MTB Parenzana in Croatia
  • 3rd Place Road cycling, Elite category in Croatia

Tome Danevski

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

  • 30 years experience in fitness and nutrition
  • Certified personal fitness coach
  • Founder of the nutrition concept Izida Life
  • Nutrition Guru
  • Fitness Coach

Gjorgji Spasov

Personal and Functional Fitness Coach

  • BA in physical and health education
  • NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Technogym Master Trainer
  • Owner of Play Fit Move
  • Certified Manual Therapist
Tose Zafirov holding the Detox Diet straight at the camera while the Diet itself is in the main focus of the lens. He is not looking at the camera, and he is wearing white shirt, black elegant vest, and black bow tie from Signori

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