Born in 1979, Maria dedicated her life to fitness, making a name for herself. Over the years, she has won the IFBB Elite Pro Athlete, the World Pro Máster, Diamond Cup, Yamamoto Cup, twice the Macedonian Championship, the Arnold Classic, and Olympia Amateur.

She is a Spanish Championship with Macedonian heritage. She grew up in Sweden, so she has seen and lived with different cultures. She is not only a successful bodybuilder but also a well-established person and an idol for many.

That’s why it’s my pleasure to have Maria Bozinovska with me today. She is here to share a part of her journey, along with opinions regarding exciting points of the fitness world and public life.

1. Who Is Maria Bozinovska?

Tose Zafirov

Q: Hello Maria. First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time for an interview. I know that you are pretty busy, so that I will get right into it. Who is Maria Bozinovska? How would you introduce yourself to the audience? What are the most critical aspects of your life that made you who you are today?

Maria Bozinovska

A: Thank you, Tose, it’s my pleasure as well. I am a Macedonian born in Skopje in 1979. I grew up in Sweden, but I have been living in Spain from the age of 20, where I have started professionally competing.

I have started my fitness journey, including a healthy diet, from the youngest of age. I went out on stage for the first time in 2013 in Spain. It went really well from that moment and on. I became the Champion of Spain in the first year of my competition.

Then, I started competing at an international level, where I also had many great successes with gold medals at the Arnold Classic and Olimpia Amateur.

In 2016 I started competing for Macedonia, where I was also the champion of Macedonia. In 2017, I managed to become a professional with the gold medal I achieved in Italy.

From that year onwards, I only compete on a professional level for Macedonia. In 2019 I earned second place at the Swedish Professional Championship in Spain. That was one of the greatest successes in my fitness career.

2. Where Did It All Start?

Tose Zafirov

Q: Well, that is truly inspirational. Today, you are a well-established persona in the fitness world. But where did it all start? When was your love for fitness born, and how did it progress over the years?

Maria Bozinovska

A: My fitness journey began at 17 or 18, but I was interested in it from a child. I always dreamt of having muscules and being a strong woman. I liked that look very much, and I was very persistent in achieving it.

So, slowly, with time, I started working in fitness clubs and learning about training and healthy eating. Until one day, I tried to progress even further. I took things to another level when I started competing instead of only daily workouts.

3. What Is Your Biggest Motivation?

Tose Zafirov

Q: Fitness requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice, especially when you pursue it on a professional level. So, my question is, what keeps you going each day? What is your biggest motivation?

Maria Bozinovska

A: My motivation is the good looks and the fact that I want to feel satisfied with myself, healthy, and with a lot of energy.

I also want to help other girls and women to feel better about themselves and achieve the results they want. That is my biggest motivation.

4. What About Your Nutrition Plan?

Tose Zafirov

Q: Would you like to share some details regarding your diet or tips for beginners in this field? What does it take to stay in shape at all times?

Maria Bozinovska

A: I would advise anyone interested in fitness (and the ones that aren’t) to watch their diet. Nowadays, we have lots of ingredients options to pursue a healthy diet. Therefore, there is no need to eat “bad food.” Thank God, it’s sometimes okay to get a hamburger or a pizza. Still, in everyday life, it’s essential to pursue a healthy diet.

I eat the same type of food in my everyday life and before a competition. The only difference is that I eat a larger amount of the same food when I do not compete.

I also allow myself to go out and eat something else (not part of my daily routine) at least once or twice a week when I am not competing.

At last, I would like to add that even restaurants today offer a vast diversity of healthy food, which is excellent.

5. Do You Have An Exercise Routine?

Tose Zafirov

Q: Do you have an exercise routine, and what is your opinion about fitness centers? Can anyone be found in this fitness world?

Maria Bozinovska

A: My training routine consists of 5 to 6 days of training per week, where I exercise 1 to 2 muscle groups a day. I exercise my legs twice a week, especially a quadriceps, gluteus, and femoral.

Each fitness center is different, but it is essential to have specialized machines for all muscle groups. Each person can find himself/herself in the fitness world but thank God we all have different goals and different exercise methods. Anyone should work towards finding and pursuing this life goal.

6. What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment?

Tose Zafirov

Q: What is some of your most significant accomplishments, and can you single out one award as your favorite?

Maria Bozinovska

A: My biggest accomplishment until now is the second place I have won at the Swedish Professional Championship.

Also, I had won first place at the Arnold Classic when I was an amateur in 2015. I was on stage with another 40 girls from all over the world. That’s why it’s a great pride for me.

7. How Has Your Life Changed In Spain?

Tose Zafirov

Q: How is life in Spain different from that in Macedonia? Do you miss the environment or the people here?

Maria Bozinovska

A: There is a vast difference. In Spain, I live with people of different nationalities with different cultures and languages. And I like that a lot because that’s how I can learn more about other cultures and communicate with different nationalities.But at the same time, I miss our Macedonian culture, as well as our music and, most of all, Macedonian food

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge in Fitness?

Tose Zafirov

Q: What are the biggest challenges to success in the fitness world from a woman’s perspective?

Maria Bozinovska

A: The biggest challenge is discipline.

9. How Did 2020 And COVID-19 Affect Your Shape?

Tose Zafirov

Q: How did you deal with 2020 and the corona crisis? Does this affect your private and professional life?

Maria Bozinovska

A: Yes, yes, a lot, as it was challenging to train. I could only maintain my shape. But even that wasn’t easy.

You know, when you are constantly at home, you are keen on gaining weight, especially when you don’t move around a lot. Somehow, I managed to maintain the same weight, adding only a few pounds. When we were allowed to return to fitness centers, I returned to normal fast.

10. What Is Your Message to The World?

Tose Zafirov

Q: If you had an opportunity to share a message with the world, what would you say?

Maria Bozinovska

A: They should always have a goal, not only in fitness but also in every other aspect of life. Everyone should pursue their dreams, as hard work always leads to results.

Final Words

Thank you, Maria, for all your prompt responses. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We expect to see you on the scene for many years to come!

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