Internet trainers and fit individuals post workout routines, tips, and tricks on the web. Still, people seem to be making the same muscle-building mistakes over and over again.

Doing the exercises properly is essential to achieve effective results, especially when we are talking about forming an exquisite shape. In other words, you need ‘smart workout routines’ to build the body of your dreams. But that’s not where it ends.

A considerable portion of muscle-building mistakes consists of improper nutrition. So, eating healthy and eating enough is essential to build muscle.

Like weight loss, when it comes to muscle building, you must be aware of what not to do, what to do, and when to do it to get the best possible results.

Building muscle is one of the primary reasons most people decide to join a gym or start working out. Gaining strength not only makes you look good, but it plays a vital role in your health. With increased muscle mass, you will improve your posture, joint protection, stronger bones, and better metabolism.

The Most Common Muscle-Building Mistakes

Many people tend to make the top ten muscle-building mistakes. By recognizing them in-depth, you will be able to avoid them in full. So, let’s get into details!

1. Not Eating Enough

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While you might be doing your best at the gym, lifting the heaviest of weights, and genuinely pushing your body to the limit, you will not achieve that significant effect you aim for if you are not taking in enough calories that your body requires.

In other words, not eating enough is the first and foremost of muscle-building mistakes. And why is that so?

People that go to the gym or work out at home usually tend to confuse the terms. While you need a smaller calory intake for weight loss, you actually need a calory surplus to facilitate the muscle-building process.

Calories are a requirement that fuels your workouts and helps your muscles repair, and in turn, grow.

2. Training Too much

Аn image of a woman who trained a bit too much, looking tired, on a purple background. She is wearing pink t-shirt and a towel on her neck.

Remember, training breaks your muscle tissues down and then repairs them afterward.

While it may be logical for you to assume that the more you work out, the more muscle builds you will accomplish, this is not the case in the real world. Don’t take me wrong; many people have the same beliefs, ranking this issue on my top muscle-building mistakes.

If you end up training too often, you can cause your body to burn out. How does it work? Well, your body will not get the rest it needs. And without the rest, it cannot rebuild the muscles.  Not only this, but the process can also potentially increase your stress hormones and lead to injuries.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

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Human bodies consist of two-thirds water, which is unique for us as species. Then again, two-thirds of the whole is in your muscles. To be more specific, your muscle cells are made up of protein and water, and if you want to get the maximum growth, you will need to increase your water intake.

To be honest, most trainers and fit individuals promote the importance of water during exercise. Still, people tend to forget to increase their water intake, leading to common muscle-building mistakes.

Ensure that you check out the Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss to learn more about the effect this can have on your body. It can also help in building muscle if consumed appropriately.

4. Not Consuming Enough Protein

An image of meat as well as vegetables on a table, alongside eggs and cheese.

Protein is an essential aspect of many of the functions in our body. However, it is most important when it comes to building muscle. This process is known as muscle protein synthesis.

The main way through which our muscles grow is that when you train, you are breaking down the muscles fibers with microscopic tears, and when they repair, they will build back bigger. Over time, this increases muscle mass.

Still, to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue, you need a protein supply in your body that can live up to this task. In turn, not consuming enough protein is one of the top muscle-building mistakes you should try to avoid.

5. Not Sleeping Enough

An image of a person waking up in the morning feeling tired in his bad, with his cup of coffee in his left hand.

A lack of sleep can prevent muscle building. Similar to proteins, sleep encourages your body to repair and recover.

On the contrary, if you deprive yourself of sleep, you will in essence interrupt the growth and repair process. Sleep deprivation can also increase the level of your stress hormones and make your body gain fat easier.

6. Not Stretching Enough

An image of a man and a woman stretching outside in the wilderness. Their face is not visible, the focus are their legs. The girl is wearing black leggings and the men is wearing black shorts.

Stretching at the end of the workout will start the recovery process quickly and prepare your body for the next activity. If you do not stretch, you can leave your muscles tight and risk injuring yourself.

Many individuals underestimate the importance of stretching, thus skip it. It makes it one of the top muscle-building mistakes. To ensure your body is on the right path to achieving your dreams’ shape, make sure to avoid it. More precisely, remember to always stretch before and even after a workout.

7. Not Lifting Enough Weight

A person not lifting enough weight smiling at the camera with white clothes and a yellow background

Remember that your workouts need to be challenging, and if you manage to do more than 20 repetitions, you are not lifting enough weight.

Many individuals, especially women, believe that lifting too many weights will essentially make them too big. But that’s not the case.

Ensure that the weights you choose are challenging for your body and that you cannot do over 15 repetitions while maintaining a good body form. Only this way will you be able to avoid making one of the top muscle-building mistakes.

8. Lifting Too Much Weight

A person lifting way too much weight at the gym, while wearing grey sports t-shirt, and black leggings with grey details.

Now, let’s see the other side of the story. You should avoid not lifting enough, but you should also avoid lifting too much.

If you lift weights that are too much for you and can only perform five repetitions, they might lead to injury or lack of muscle growth. You ideally want to do weights where you can get to the 10-15 repetition marks. Essentially, that’s the right weight for you, neither too much nor too little.

9. Lifting Weights Too Quickly

A woman with blonde hair doing squats too at the gym. She is turned with her back in front of the camera while wearing dark grey with dark pink sports bra and leggings.

As we get to the end of the top muscle-building mistakes to avoid, you might believe they are less critical. But that’s not true. Essentially, all of them are as frequent, thus, as vital.

The pace through which you lift the weights can also play an essential role because your muscles need time under tension. It’s where the muscle fibers can get complete resistance, and the muscle-building process can occur.

To achieve muscle growth, ensure that you are doing sets that last between 30 and 60 seconds.

10. Poor Form When Lifting

A person about to lift weights. His face is not visible, the focus are his legs. He is wearing black sweatpants and blue sneakers with red shoelaces

The last of the common muscle-building mistakes is having a poor form while lifting.

It would be best if you always were in control through repetitions with good form. If you cannot control the weights, you will be working out everything but the muscles you intend to work out.

If the weight is too heavy and your form is sloppy, you will be engaging in your joints and tendons more than your muscles, and this can also lead to potential injury to your body.

Final Thought – Can You Avoid Making Muscle-Building Mistakes?

You sure can!

The key to building muscle mass is proper workouts, not too long and not too short, not too light, or too heavy. Essentially, it all comes down to balance, both regarding the exercises and nutrition.

Keep in mind that there are other muscle-building mistakes that you could potentially make. Still, they are a lot more specific and can occur in particular scenarios.

As long as you stick to what you have read here and fix these ten mistakes you might have made in the past, you should see an increased level of growth when it comes to your muscles due to these changes.

Remember to get enough sleep, drinking enough water, and always stretch before and after an exercise as some of the main points here, but go as in-depth as you can and analyze the way you train the next time you end up visiting the gym.

If you are looking for more useful information on weight loss, building muscle, and exercise, make sure to check our Fitness Tips page.

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