People go to the gym for plenty of reasons, but usually, the main one is to build muscle. This is a worthy goal to have, and it requires a good deal of commitment and hard work.

Building muscle isn’t just about exercising regularly; it also involves your day-to-day lifestyle and diet. Even though bulking up the right way is a challenge, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

Tips for Building Muscle Naturally

With the right nutrients and balance of calories, training regimens, and lifestyle, you can be on your way to a stronger you. By following the tips in this article, you will be able to build muscle mass more quickly and efficiently.

1. Eat More Protein

In order to promote muscle growth, recovery, and repair, you will need to consume more protein since amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, are essential to build muscle tissue. Twenty grams of protein is the optimal amount that is usually accepted for muscle growth. A study published in 2009 concluded that the body doesn’t use a lot more than 20 grams in one sitting for muscle building.

The easiest way to get protein with each meal is by consuming some of the following foods:

  • Dairy – Yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.
  • Fish – Mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines, etc.
  • Poultry – Duck, turkey, chicken, etc.
  • Red meat – Lamb, beef, pork, etc.
  • You can also try vegan options such as nuts, seeds, tofu, and lentils.

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2. Increase the Calories You’re Consuming

You cannot gain muscle if you’re in a significant calorie deficit. You need to consume more calories than you burn every day in order to build muscle mass efficiently. The reason for this is that when there is a calorie deficit in your body, its tendency to build new muscle downshifts.

To find out how many calories you need to consume in order to gain weight and build muscle, you need to see how many calories you need for maintaining the weight you currently have, which is your baseline, and then just add 300 to 500 calories.

Many factors affect your baseline calorie needs, such as your underlying medical conditions, occupation, physical activity, current elan body mass, sex, and age. You can use an online calculator to determine your baseline calorie needs according to the data you input.

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3. Carefully Choose Your Exercises

Muscle building is specific to the muscle you’re working on. For instance, you need to perform exercises that work the biceps if you want to build bigger biceps. This could be a compound movement that uses the biceps, such as a pullup, or an isolated bice exercise, such as a bicep curl.

When it comes to compound movements, with a single exercise like a barbell back squat, you will stimulate numerous big muscle groups efficiently, and you will get more functional movements for activities in your real life. This leads to more practical muscle strength, as well as efficient workouts.

Beginners usually find isolation movements easier to learn and safer than compound movements, and they are an excellent way to target specific muscles in your body. In addition, they are a lot easier to do when you’re feeling fatigued.

Isolation and compound movements can be equally effective at causing muscle hypertrophy in terms of the best exercise for muscle building. Nonetheless, both isolation and compound movements should be included in your training for the best long-term fitness results.

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4. Responsibly Increase Weight

To trigger growth, you will need to challenge your muscle, but you also need to be tactical about how you do it. You will increase your risk of injury if you increase the amount of weight you are lifting too quickly. However, you will hit a plateau or shortchange your results if you do it too slowly.

So, how do you find the ideal weight to lift? Consider the effort you’re applying while exercising. If you’re lifting with perfect form, and the first few and last few reps of an exercise feel similar, it is time that you go for a weight that is heavier.

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5. Allow Time for Recovery

Make recovery a priority because muscles grow between your workouts, not during them. To allow your muscles to fully recover, take at least one or two days off per week. Your efforts for building muscle can be hurt by training at too high an intensity of training too often without having to take any time for recovery and rest. In addition, you should rest between 90 seconds and 3 minutes between individual sets.

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6. Make Sure You Stretch

Stretching of any kind, getting massages, and using a foam roller will help you improve recovery, prevent injury, and keep you flexible between workouts.

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7. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you sleep at least seven hours a night. Getting less than seven hours a day on a regular basis can make you sleep-deprived, which can increase protein degradation and put the brakes on protein synthesis. In addition, when you sleep, your body releases human growth hormone, which keeps levels of the stress hormone cortisol in check and it helps grow muscle.

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Final Thoughts – How Can You Build Muscle Naturally?

When it comes to building muscle, there isn’t an instant muscle formula you can use. Instead, results will come when you set realistic goals for yourself and stick to them. Building muscles naturally requires a commitment to both following an appropriate diet and resistance training.

Proper nutrition involves sufficient fat, protein, and calorie intakes that surpass your daily energy spending enough to gain muscle, but not so much that it causes weight gain. When it comes to your exercise regimen, it should rely on isolation and compound movements with weights.

Overall, to reach your muscle-building goal, you need to eat right, lift hard, and stay consistent in what you do.

If you are looking for more useful information on weight loss, building muscle, and exercise, make sure to check our Fitness Tips page.

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